Golf Tip Tuesday – Fight The Slice

Spring is in the air! It’s time to pull out the clubs, hit the range at Woodhaven Country Club and start practicing.

Most players fight a slice.  The following drill will help players overcome this issue:

Bring your 5 iron, 7 iron.  Leave that driver at home (or in your bag).

Place an extra ball just above and back about one ball length from the ball that you are actually going to hit.  The goal is to hit your ball and try to  miss the extra ball.  This will promote a slightly more inside path to the ball and help the player to hit the ball straighter or  put a little draw on the ball.   This drill will be more productive with just the 5 iron, and 7 iron.  If you use only those two clubs your ball striking will improve.

Good luck! Remember… the quality of your practice is better than the quantity of your practice.  If you have any questions about this drill or any other just give the Pro Shop a call at 491-9100.

We look forward to seeing everyone out practicing real soon!

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